Waste water treatment plants

For the correct management of the waste water product of its operation

Main benefits


Variety of capacities (from 750 to 10.000 GAL)


Easy mobilization


Easy installation


Attachment to environmental regulations

Some general characteristics

The treatment plant, is a metal structure to treat wastewater in a portable way, under a biochemical treatment, using the gravity in the differences stays of the treatment plant.

Among the main sources of wastewater are:

  • Domestic or urban waters
  • Industrial waste water
  • Waters of agricultural uses
  • Rainwater
The process:

Domestic or black wastewater treatment plants are based on a biological, aerobic, physical and chemical process. The effluent is pumped into the aeration chamber (turbulent environment and rich in oxygen). Air is introduced under pressure through diffusers creating enough agitation to reduce solids, small particles.

The bacteria enter into contact with the organic matter eliminating it and from there the water passes to the sedimentation chamber. (Spirillum, Vitreoscilla, Zoogloea, among others).

In this chamber te remaining solids sediment and are recirculated to the aeration chamber
The clear liquid from the surface passes to the next chamber: chlorination.
Here by applying chlorine, the water is disinfected, destroying microorganisms, for final disposal.
In Andinas we offer the manufacture, rent, service and repowering of these plants.

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