Andinas was born from a integral service, which has been the constant goal of a group of professionals, who from their area of ??expertise have contributed with knowledge and efforts for the design, construction and set-up of a series of products and services that have Enlarged our portfolio as a company.

The constant presence on the field and the continuos contact with the needs of our customers has allowed us to progressively develop products such as: integral camps, mobile-hotels, trailers, power generators, waste water plants, among others.

And we continue innovating with original and functional designs according to our client´s needs.

We work to endure as an example of progress

To satisfy with quality the requirements of our clients to promote the progress and continuity of the company, generating development of our workers and progress in our community. «Our technology is our staff.

  • Trust 100% 100%
  • Commitment 100% 100%
  • Competitiveness 100% 100%


Provide fast and quality solutions with social and environmental responsibility, anticipating the needs of our customers. Combining our human talent, technology, work ethic and professionalism to achieve the satisfaction of our clients generating progress and social impact.


We earn it with the work we do. It is a foundation for our desire to overcome and sustain of our self-esteem


We assume reciprocally as individuals and as a company our total responsibility in the fulfillment of our duties and obligations to achieve our goals.


Everyone as individuals or as a team, contribute to optimization and obtaining results. We seek the continuous improvement of the company, ourselves and our families


To be leaders in Latin America, providing our clients the best experience in camping and logistics solutions, ensuring a first class service.

Part of our team

Daniela Araque

Daniela Araque

Administration Leader – Ecuador

«As part of this team, I am pleased to share my experience and i feel honored to work for a wide organization such as Empresas Andinas. I started working 2 years ago and thanks to the support and delegation of responsibilities given by senior executives I have been able to give my hand for the birth of the company in my country, Ecuador. With a culture of teamwork and a great focus for the employee it´s a pleasure for me to grow along with the company and I am very excited to think about what the future holds.»
Aaron Romero

Aaron Romero

Country Manager – Venezuela

«It´s almost 20 years with the immense pride of being part of an organization such as Empresas Andinas, it has certainly been the «Family» that has given me the opportunity to achieve personal, familiar and professional growth. Our business approach and the Philosophy that has framed our success, is oriented in two fundamental aspects: Our Staff and teamwork that we recognize as the fundamental basis of the development of our activities; And Our Clients for whom we promote Excellence in Quality of Service as the main flag of everything we do, all based on the Purpose, Values and Solid Principles that are shared by everyone of the members of this Great family and that generates the satisfaction of belonging to it.»
Christian Vasquez

Christian Vasquez

Warehouse Chief Villavicencio – Colombia

«As a person I have gained a lot of knowledge and every day I learn about the activities in which the company develops; Reason why it has allowed me to grow professionally.

I value the effort that we as an organization do to ensure the job security of our employees within our daily operations and I´m proud to participate in Social Responsibility events, seeing in firsthand the positive impact on our neighboring communities»

Fernando Rondón

Fernando Rondón

Supply Chain Manager – Venezuela

«I´m proud to belong for more than 10 years to this great Family, an avant-garde organization that has allowed me to perform several positions which have completed my professional training. It´s rewarding to start every day looking for the way to do things better, optimizing and innovating. Always focused on our fundamental objective which is to give a service beyond expectations to our customers. Supported by a team of professionals committed to the permanent quality of our products and services.»


On May 17, 1990, Empresas Andinas, was born under the name of Andean Supplies in Anaco – Venezuela. At its beginnings we tried different alternatives for the development of the company, among them: Metalwork, polyurethane panel houses, chemical products for drilling mud, ventilation bricks for sheds, among others. The company subsequently bets on the Trailer rental business, a strong item due to the experience in the service area by the founders, generating a change in the standards of this service for the Oil industry in Venezuela.

From 1993 to this date the company expands across the national territory, from the eastern areas of Anzoátegui and Monagas, to western areas of the country such as Zulia and Barinas

In 2011, the company decides to migrate to international markets, first starting in Colombia (2011) and then starting operations in Ecuador (2014).

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